ESF Programmes

Way2Work as part of AfC delivers a variety of contracts funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).  The programmes are delivered as a subcontractor to 3 primes – Prospects, Prevista and South Thames College.

ESF funding is used to reduce inactivity among young people and to improve training and skills, as well as supporting young people in schools to help prevent them from dropping out at post 16.

The contracts which Way2Work (AfC) receives funding for which receive ESF finance, in part or full, are:

CALM (careers and learning mentoring)

The programme supports NEET young people aged 16-24 to seek education, employment or training and provides ongoing support for the first 6 months of progression.

LLDD Outreach 

This programme provides additional support for young people with a learning difficulty or disability to help them prepare for and progress into a suitable destination.

Preventative NEET 

This programme provides a range of activities along with a careers and mentoring service to support young people aged 15-18 identify their next steps and address issues that cause a risk to their long term engagement.

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