Organisation Name: Barnes Primary School Phone No: 020 8876 7358
Apprenticeship Pathway: Early Years Practitioner Level 2
Address: Cross Street, Barnes, London, SW13 0QQ
Employer Description: Primary school with attached nursery
Hours of Work: Monday to Friday, 08.30am – 16.00pm with half an hour for lunch
Annual Holiday Entitlement: All school holidays
Pay: £230 pw
Position Title: Nursery Teaching Assistant Apprentice
Closing date: 17/07/2022
Start date: September 2022
Job Description
Working directly for the Nursery Manager

Children’s learning

  • Jointly with the nursery teachers and/or other early years practitioners, work with the class, a group or individual children in learning activities across all areas of the EYFS curriculum.
  • Assist groups and individual children, including those with special educational needs, in learning activities.
  • Support the development of children’s language skills, encouraging children to express themselves clearly; and help to continually extend children’s vocabulary.
  • Support children in their play.
  • Encourage children to join in with learning activities that promote their development and enjoyment of learning.
  • Establish constructive working relationships with children, ensuring they are safe and secure, included and valued.
  • Act as a role model, setting high expectations and providing oral feedback on progress and achievement.
  • Take a part in observing and recording children’s learning and use online pupil assessment systems (following training).
  • Work within the established behaviour policy to anticipate and constructively manage behaviour promoting self-control and responsibility.
  • Use IT in learning activities and develop pupils’ competence in its use.
  • Actively support the school’s equal opportunity policy, ensuring that all pupils have an equal access to learning opportunities.

Physical Welfare

  • Under the direction of the nursery teachers, support the development and welfare of all the children in your care.
  • Supervise children at all times and ensure their health and safety.
  • Help to dress and undress children, changing those who have wet or soiled themselves (if required).
  • Accompany children on educational visits.
  • Encourage children to become more independent.
  • Help children to use language to express their needs, develop an awareness of the needs of others, learn self-control in their relationships with others and become self-confident.
  • Care for children who become unwell.
  • Preparation of the learning environment
  • Organise and maintain an inspiring learning environment.
  • Take responsibility for aspects of the internal and external learning environment, classroom organisation and display.
  • Prepare and maintain a range of resources and specialist equipment. This will involve preparing: practical group and individual activities; equipment, materials and resources; craft activities and cleaning equipment, such as paints, water trays and brushes and setting up the outdoor area.

Other duties

  • Be aware of Health and Safety matters and refer to the school Health and Safety policy.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Make contributions to any record keeping in connection with welfare concerns and SEN.
  • Attend professional development meetings and apprenticeship training and meetings.
  • Undertake any other duties in line with the purpose of the role, which may reasonably be required.

Skills & Abilities required

  1. Excellent communication skills with clear spoken English
  2. Knowledge of customer care, able to deal professionally with personal and telephone callers
  3. Accurate I.T. skills and knowledge of MS Word and Excel, and the Internet
  4. Able to work flexibly and independently within a team; asking for and giving support as needed
  5. Able to understand and respect the importance of confidentiality, both within and outside the
  6. Aware of Health and Safety and Equality and Diversity
  7. Able to understand the importance of being punctual and the impact absence has on the effectiveness