For more information about this role, get in touch with us at:
020 8831 6353

Employer description:

Contracted hours of work:
Monday to Friday, 08.00am – 14.30pm with half an hour for lunch

Whitton Baptist Church, TW2 7BZ

Annual holiday entitlement:
28 days including bank holidays

£210 per week

Position title:
Nursery Assistant Apprentice

Job description:
Working directly for the Nursery Manager:

  • To support and work alongside all members of the team including volunteers and students by having excellent communication skills.
  • To advise the manager of any concerns regarding children, staff, their families for management to deal with it in the appropriate way.
  • To be flexible and undertake other duties when/if necessary e.g. cooking, cleaning of equipment.
  • To record accidents correctly using the accident forms
  • To be flexible to help if the nursery is short staffed and to stay slightly later or come in earlier if needed.
  • To read, understand, implement and review the nursery policies and procedures and follow them. Also to keep up to date with the policies and legislation changes which affect your work practice.
  • To attend training sessions, staff meetings and any other meetings to help improve your practise of work whether this is during or after work hours according to the staff hand book.
  • To ensure that all information regarding the nursery, the children, their families is all kept confidential and remains within the setting and only the appropriate people are spoken to regarding the matter.
  •  To ensure high standards of hygiene and safety are maintained at all times
  • To support the effective delivery of the EYFS ensuring the individual needs of the children are met. Have a clear understanding of the EYFS framework, using the characteristics of effective learning to help children learn and develop.

Skills & Abilities required: 

  1. Interested in a career working with babies and young children
  2. Ability to demonstrate patience
  3. Ability to reflect on learning and actively seek learning opportunities
  4. To work constructively as part of a team, understanding roles and responsibilities and their own position within these.
  5. Able to display a commitment to the protection and safeguarding of children
  6. Good communication skills, with clear spoken English
  7. Able to work flexibly within a team, asking for and giving support as needed
  8. Able to understand the importance of being punctual and the impact absence has on the effectiveness of the team


  • Anyone aged 16 and over may apply for this apprenticeship
  • GCSE passes in maths and English are desirable but not essential requirements
  • Applicants must reasonably be able to travel to work within a maximum of 1 hour

Apprenticeship Information:

  • Level 2 Early Years Practitioner Standard – (click for more information)
  • Functional Skills in Maths and English at Level 1 (if required)
  • Minimum duration: 12-15 Months
  • A minimum of 1 day per week will be allocated for training purposes