Company Name: Castle Tots                                                                                   

Employer Description: Nursery and Primary School

Contracted hours of work: 8:00am – 4:00pm Mon – Fri (with 30 mins for lunch) 52 weeks (23 days annual leave)             

Pay: £10,582                   Age: 16 +                

Job Description:   Working in all areas of the nursery, as part of the team:

  • Working under the guidance of the room leader and qualified experienced Nursery Nurses, in order to support and extend the children’s learning.
  • Creating positive relationships with all children, parents/carers and colleagues
  • Helping to encourage children’s development, independence, self-reliance, initiative and problem-solving skills.
  • Contribute own thoughts and ideas to planning
  • Preparing the learning environment, assisting in the organisation of the room arrangement and resources.
  • Valuing and displaying children’s work.
  • Observing children’s activities and contributing to their written records
  • Working in a non-discriminatory way, being aware of differences and ensuring all children have equal access to opportunities to learn, develop and reach their potential
  • Maintaining respectful and genuine interaction with children
  • Attending parent evenings as appropriate
  • Following the safeguarding and health & safety procedures to maintain a safe environment

Skills & Abilities required:

  1. Interested in a career working with young children
  2. Ability to demonstrate patience
  3. Ability to show initiative, reflecting on learning and actively seek learning opportunities
  4. To work constructively as part of a team, understanding roles and responsibilities and own position within these.
  5. Able to display a commitment to the protection and safeguarding of children
  6. Good communication skills, with clear spoken English
  7. Able to work flexibly within a team, asking for and giving support as needed
  8. Able to understand the importance of being punctual and the impact absence has on the effectiveness of the team