Employer description: Primary School

Hours of work: 36 hours per week Monday to Friday (6hrs per week to be spent on off-the job training activities)

Annual holiday entitlement: 18 month employment contract. Term-time (39 weeks worked per year).

Pay: £11,044.80 per annum (FTE) / £5.90 per hour / £212.40 per week for the duration of the contract

Location: Grand Avenue Primary School, Grand Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey, KT5 9HU

Job description:

  • Deliver work, care or support programmes to individual pupils or groups, including those with SEND
  • Enable access to learning for all pupils
  • Provide general support to the class teacher in the management and organisation of the pupils resources and the classroom
  • Contribute to the management of pupils’ behaviour, both in the classroom and on the playground, and reinforcing agreed policies and procedures whilst being an effective role model for pupil behaviour
  • Support in the development of other key skills which aid pupils’ learning, e.g. Numeracy, Literacy
  • Help translate tasks at pupil level by restructuring them into achievable steps
  • Take appropriate action related to any problems or emergencies that occur during the lesson in accordance with the School’s policies and procedures
  • Provide admin support to the teacher e.g. photocopying, filing, displays, laminating, etc.
  • Provide general organisation support to the school e.g. maintaining a safe environment, break/lunch duties and educational visits
  • Recognise confidentiality, safeguarding procedures, H & S and the policies of the Governing Body

Skills & abilities required:

  1. Good IT, Literacy and Numeracy Skills
  2. Understanding of relevant polices/codes of practice and awareness of relevant legislation
  3. General understanding of national curriculum and other basic learning programmes/strategies
  4. Basic understanding of child development / learning and an ability to relate well to children and adults
  5. Ability to self-evaluate learning needs and actively seek learning opportunities
  6. Ability to use own initiative, be organised and communicate effectively
  7. Work constructively as part of a team, understanding classroom roles & responsibilities and your own
    position within these


  • Anyone aged 16 and over may apply for this apprenticeship
  • GCSE passes in maths, English and ICT are desirable but not essential requirements
  • Applicants must reasonably be able to travel to work within a maximum of 1 hour

Apprenticeship Information: