1. ‘Although I don’t have much experience in…’

The key to standing out is to have confidence in your abilities and apologising right off the bat shows a lack of confidence. Try not to list your weaknesses on a CV, but if the skill is essential to the role, you may want to add a strength that can overshadow your weakness.

‘Although I don’t have much experience in customer service, I am a friendly, attentive person with a great smile and a can-do attitude’.

 2. ‘I’m great at multi-tasking’

Most people use this line on CVs so just saying that you’re good at multi-tasking isn’t enough to make you stand out. Multi-tasking is largely counter-productive as you’re more prone to making errors that take up more time in the future. Instead talk about your time management skills and how you’re able to get more work done by giving one task your full attention from most urgent to least urgent.

‘I find when I am pressed for time that I work best when I am focusing on one thing at a time, starting with highest priority to lowest priority. This outcome ensures that my work is error-free and I’m not having to go back and correct my mistakes’.

3. ‘I’m a team player, who also works well alone’

Most people work well in groups and individually but it doesn’t really tell the employer much. Instead focus on the skill the job you’re applying for requires the most and mention that.

‘In my previous job, I found that I was very flexible at what role I played within a team. When we found out that the company producing our fliers would not be able to get them done in time for an event we were holding a week later, I suggested that we convert the flier idea into a social advertisement whereby we would email an invitation to a list of attendees we knew would come and rewarded them based on the amount of people they themselves sent the invitations to.

We gave them a drinks voucher if they invited more than 20 people, a company branded USB thumbdrive that we were trying to get rid of for months if they invited more than 50, and an iPod nano if they invited more than 250 people. In the end we ended up giving away 4 iPod Nanos that were less than the cost of the fliers being professional printed as well as an enormous social media presence that lasted for months after the event’.